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Two videos that go a long way to demonstrate the value of Fire Sprinklers:

1.) Fire Sprinkler Facts РHome Fire Sprinkler Coalition video

2.) Orange County Fire Authority video

The following forms are courtesy of Built for Life/Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition:
Protect What You Value Most
Controlling the Home Fire Threat
The Future of Fire Safety Here Today
Fire Sprinkler Facts
Living with Fire Sprinkler Hangtags

US Fire Administration Comments on Residential Sprinklers

The USFA released a document on March 28, 2008 with their position on residential fire sprinklers and the benefit they would provide citizens. Below is just a small portion of this document.

“It is the position of the U.S. Fire Administration that all citizens should be protected against death, injury, and property loss resulting from fire in their residence. All homes should be equipped with both smoke alarms and automatic fire sprinklers, and all families should have and practice an emergency escape plan. The USFA fully supports all efforts to reduce the tragic toll of fire losses in this nation, including the proposed changes to the International Residential Code that would require automatic sprinklers in all new residential construction.” To read the entire document released, click USFA Position Paper.

For more information and to watch their video on residential sprinklers, visit their website.

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Built for Life/Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition video

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The following information is courtesy of Built for Life/Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition:
Marketing Homes Protected by Fire Sprinkler Systems

Home Insurer Information

The following information is courtesy of Built for Life/Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition:
What You Need to Know When Insuring a Home with Fire Sprinkler Systems

Additional Videos

HFSC – Living With Sprinklers – Sprinklered Homes

Living with Sprinklers is a video provided by the nonprofit Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC).
It’s a smart teaching tool that’s easy to use. The video is hosted by Ron Hazelton, who explains
the advantages of having fire sprinklers, separates fact from fiction, and outlines the simple
care that residential sprinklers


Do you think that sprinklers will cause too much water damage? Here’s a comparison of the
amount of water a fire sprinkler uses to put out a typical fire versus the amount firefighters

Dramatic Home Fire Timeline Comparing Home Fires with and without Sprinklers

This seven minute, animated movie shows the progression of a home fire in real time and
demonstrates the dramatic difference a home fire sprinkler can make.

HFSC – Fire Sprinkler Animation – How Fire Sprinklers Work

Home fire sprinklers are technologically very advanced, but the basic way they work is very simple.
Fire sprinklers have no moving parts and act simply as a water plug that releases at a particular
temperature. Here is a short animated movie that explains the workings of home fire sprinklers.

Building Officials Video

Resources, tools and information for community local officials on the life-saving benefits of home fire sprinklers.


International Residential Code Fire Sprinkler Coalition
National Fire Sprinkler Association
Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition