Hiring Process

The Oak Hill Fire Department is Currently Hiring!

Applications for full time Firefighter/EMT positions are currently being accepted. Applications must be received no later than 17:00 on Friday, April 14, 2017.
Applications postmarked but not received by April 14, 2017 will not be considered.

Click HERE to read more detailed information concerning the requirements and process for the full time hiring process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are included below for your convenience.

Download the application HERE.

The following reference materials are used to generate the written exam.

The new hire written examination consists of 100 multiple choice questions with a two-hour time limit. Reference materials for the exam are:
IFSTA Fire Essentials, 5th edition
(pages: 340-375, 470-505, 535-585, 650-675, 760-790, 860-895, 950-980, 1040-1080, 1150-1185, 1200-1250)

Fire Engineering Textbook (Firefighter I and II sections)
(pages: 70-94, 125-199, 230-270, 315-385, 430-450, 550-590, 630-670, 700-790, 800-880, 905-995, 1000-1090)

Emergency Care, 12th edition
(pages: 210-305, 320-370, 415-510, 560-585, 600-695, 700-725, 800-825)


Application Details

Applicants for employment must be at least 18 years of age and have either a high school diploma or a GED. They must be certified or certifiable as a firefighter with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and an EMT-B with the Texas Department of State Health Services at a minimum by date of hire.



Incomplete applications will be removed from the process.


Information about the Physical Agility Test can be found

The following links provide a demonstration of most of the Physical Agility Test tasks:
Ladder Carry
Equipment Transfer
Modified Sled
Tower Climb
Hose Drag/Pull
Hose Adapter Connections (photo only)
Victim Drag
All video demonstrations can be viewed in order by clicking “Play All” HERE.


Applications must include a current driving record from the Texas Department of Public Safety with written verification of certifications.


The Oak Hill Fire Department pay rates can be found HERE, and longevity incentives HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many positions are you hiring?

There are currently no openings being considered for hire.
However, this hiring process will establish the list from which new hires will be taken for approximately the next 12 months. If more openings develop, those completing this process will be considered for employment from the list based on their ranking at the conclusion of the process.


What is the Oak Hill Fire Department’s shift schedule?

The Oak Hill Fire Department has adopted the 48/96 work schedule. Firefighters report for two 24-hour shifts together for one 48-hour tour. They are then off duty for 96 hours before their next tour.


Does the Oak Hill Fire Department have “Kelly” shifts?

The Oak Hill Fire Department pays overtime and does not utilize “Kelly” shifts.


What if I have a Firefighter certification from another state?

If you hold an active certification from another state, please contact the Texas Commission on Fire Protection to determine what may be required for you to become a certified Firefighter in the State of Texas. The Oak Hill Fire Department cannot accept out of state certifications in lieu of certification from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. Applicants must hold an active TCFP Firefighter certification by the testing date in order to be eligible.



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